Grootlicht!!! is not an organization, so registration is free.

Registration means to be kept informed by e-mails of events that are held under the name “GrootLicht!!!” or with one of the foreign contacts.
It also means that you come up with a nice motorbike ride including a lunch en route and invite others to take the same ride with you.
“GrootLicht!!!” stands for “meeting each other and enjoying motorcycling together.”

You can be registered if you are a member of a recognized order of Freemasons.
Participation in tours is also open to freemasons. They are registered on a separate list.

Please register by e-mail to:

Thereby giving at least:

– Full surname and first name (a nickname may be added if you like)

– Town and zip code and country

– e-mail adres

– (Cell) Phone number

– Name and number of your craft lodge and the Grand Lodge you belong to

– The name and e-mail address of your lodge secretary

– Rand and type of motorcycle

You will receive a confirmation by e-mail following your request for registration.