“Masonic Biker Denmark Rally 2022”
7th International meeting In Denmark.
Held at Stevninghus, south Denmark near the German border.

Dear Brother,

We hereby invite you to participate in our 7.th International Masonic Biker meeting in Denmark.
Hope to see you there and please take a biker Brethren along.
Just sign-up now (as we have a limit) and payment before mid-August
“better sign-up – than regret later”
If you demand a single room – then you must bring it yourself
NB – You might get an invite more than once – some already have pre-signed up
This invite is sent to the 190 brethren that have participated before.

There will be a Facebook group for sign up Brethren, so we can inform you during the summer.

Med Broderlig Hilsen
Flemming Staal
Masonic Biker Danmark.