Participation and Registration:

If you are a freemason in good standing you are most welcome to GrootLicht!!! tours, as are your ‘guests’: your non-masonic or co-masonic partner, relatives and friends (unless restrictions are mentioned in the tour announcement).

Please register for an event by e-mail to:

thereby giving at least:

–   your full surname and first name (a nickname may be added if you like)

–   your town and zip code and country

–   your (cell)phone number

–   the name and number of your craft lodge and the Grand Lodge you belong to

–   if you are new: the name and e-mail address of your lodge secretary

–   the name(s) of your ‘guest(s)’ and your relationship to them

–   the GrootLicht!!! event you wish to take part in.

A Guide to the Website’s menu


Agenda: shows the planned GrootLicht!!! rides and the international events, organised by other groups in Europe. Agenda contains also a ‘Disclaimer’ for anyone who participates in GrootLicht!!! activities.

Rit Reportages: contains either information of a coming event or an account of a past event. Always in Dutch…

Route Info: provides the route details of a coming ride out. Usually this information is provided shortly before a ride out. You can ask for the digital route files sending an e-mail to:

Badgets etc.: shirts and patches are only for those who will take part in a planned GrootLicht!!! ride-out or have taken part, and can only be bought by order and pre-payment. The other goodies may be ordered by sending an e-mail to:

Registreren: shows how to become ‘member’ of GrootLicht!!! (that’s to say, to be added to the mailing list)

Foto’s: takes you to the recent and archived photo-albums, suited for general publication. Look at us when we were young…..

Members Only: requests a password, only given to those who are entitled to receive it.

Links: brings you to a page with usefull links to websites of other masonic bikers’ clubs.